Sunshine Under A Black Light

Grey Anne at Backspace 10/10/10 I dare you to go see Grey Anne perform live and try not to love her. I did just that, I dismissed her as another singer/songwriter with nothing worth listening to. Then she takes the stage alone, with a guitar and a gong. This can’t be good I told myself … Continue reading

Drop everything go to Backspace 10/9

What: Sound Judgement Festival Who: Arctic Flowers, Bellicose Minds, Spectres, Grey Anne, Wishyunu and Midnight Callers Where: Backspace. 115 NW 5th Ave. $5 When: Saturday 10/9 Why? There are a lot of great bands playing! Check out the song “Technicolor Haze” by Arctic Flowers:

You Can Hug These Tigers

Tiger House at Slabtown 10/1/10 Tiger House kicked off the evening with Gender Steady from their EP Doom Pop but things really got started with Plurals which featured funky disco inspired bass lines sprinkled with falsetto vocals and a groovy drum beat.  Another stand out song of the evening was Video Vamp. Full of rock … Continue reading