Sunshine Under A Black Light

Grey Anne at Backspace 10/10/10

I dare you to go see Grey Anne perform live and try not to love her. I did just that, I dismissed her as another singer/songwriter with nothing worth listening to. Then she takes the stage alone, with a guitar and a gong. This can’t be good I told myself but then she started singing and blew me away. I don’t think I looked away once. Well, only for a moment; long enough to grab my camera. She uses a loop pedal you see, she records one layer then perfectly records another layer over that, all live, all absolutely perfect. Her music IS the definition of art in action. Her voice is so versatile; her songs sound like sunshine under a black light, light hearted yet tinged with an outer darkness that gives it a beautiful edge. Anne usually plays solo but for this show Robb Shecter accompanied her on standup bass adding a sprinkle of low end. The best song of the evening was her latest “One Hour” during which she modestly proclaims “Here goes nothing” which she recorded as a loop on her fancy set up while the audience was unaware. At this point I’m thinking, that was an odd thing to choose to loop but yet again my proverbial foot is in my proverbial mouth as she works this in smooth as butter, I’m convinced she is magic. My advice to you, go see Grey Anne live,  you won’t be disappointed. Until then you can hear her here:


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